How well do you know about your kharsia city?

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all about kharsia city
How well do you know about your kharsia city

Let me ask you all this very basic question? Even you go to Wikipedia, very little information is available about our city. Do you really think Kharsia deserves this little? Of course not. So why don’t we gather together to collect all information we have about our own city, where we are living for many-many years. No one can tell better than us. Please consider this as a great opportunity to do something for your home town and share any information you have. It could be anything as follows:-
1. Introduction
2. History
3. Geography
4. Places to visit
5. Nearby places
6. Famous persons
7. Rare/old photos
8. Famous incidents/functions
9. Political influence
10. Developments
11. Languages
12. Hospitals/Doctors, Schools/colleges, temples
13. Transportation
14. Famous festivals
15. Anything else

You can send us through our whatsapp number 07587332211 or directly through our website here.

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