Friday , November 17 2017
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Avinash Patel

A technology enthusiast by nature, Avinash has been in the IT industry for around 8 years working across multiple countries and geographies. Being one of the founding members, he is currently occupying multiple roles, which include creative director, technology architect, conceptual coordinator and much more.

अब बतायें कितनी चूडियां चुरायीं थीं?

Whatsapp Quiz

अब बतायें कितनी चूडियां चुरायीं थीं? 1 दुकान से 7 चोरों ने कुछ चूडियाँ चुराईं और भागकर 1 जंगल में छिप गये। रात होने पर सभी सो गये । आधी रात को 2 चोर उठे, उन्होंने कहा आपस में बाँट लें, बराबर बराबर बांटने के बाद 1 चूडी बची । अब …

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