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Guess these 10 Presidents

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Guess these 10 Presidents

Guess these 10 Presidents
इन 10 राष्ट्रपतियों को पहचाने

01. Z + 🍴
02. 🍎+ g +🏸
03. 🏈+😎+🕷+ li
04. 🐹+ na
05. 🐸+🐍+🚜
06. Fa+💗+❣
07. % +💿+ 💔+ 🐷
08. Yu +🐧+😡
09. H +🏸+ 🙌🏾
10. 💻+ 💿+🍊+po
Example : 1. Zuma

Sorry, answer is not available

Sorry, answer is not available

Answer of the whatsapp puzzle Guess these 10 Presidents is : <Coming Soon>

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