Improve your Alexa Ranking of website with these 5 easy steps

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Alexa RankingWhat is Ranking?

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he ranking we are talking about here is nothing different than any other ranking. Since there are billions of websites, we need a way to rank them on different parameters. We may ask why do we need to rank websites at first place but the short and sweet answer in a layman word is it helps to determine how popular your website is? How doesn’t want to be popular. For any web-developer immediate steps after improving your website performance is to work on improving its ranking. Luckily we have already covered  how to speed up your wordpress website to load fast.

How to check your website ranking?

The next question strikes in mind is how to check the ranking of your website. There are many ways but Alexa is the best and most popular. You simply need to visit Alexa and enter your website address. You will see the Ranking of your website. You can also see the list of Top Sites.

How to check alexa ranking of your website

Alexa is an Amazon company designed to collect web traffic and other behavioural information like daily unique visitors and page views to compare it with other websites and assign a ranking.

How can we improve Alexa Ranking?

If you are monetizing from your website you should improve your Alexa Ranking as high as possible for, obviously, better pay and attraction. Once again the steps I am providing are very simple and I do not think any reason you should not try them.

1. Install The Alexa Extension/Toolbar:

Alexa Toolbar FirefoxYou can install the Alexa Toolbar for your browser and active it. It will determine the browser you are using and suggest appropriate toolbar for you to install. Dont just stop here. If you have team ask them also to install the toolbar on their browser. Alexa Ranking has direct proportion to the number of toolbars your are using. So ask your friends and visitors also to install the toolbars. If you are using more than one browser install with all of them.

2. Register with Alexa and own your website:

Register with AlexThe second steps would be to register with Alex and create an account. Once you verify your email address Alexa will ask to confirm that you own the website. You may also choose for the paid version but if your basic aim is to just improve the ranking you can continue with free version. Once you verify and own the website you can see more insights about your websites.


3. Put Alexa Ranking widgets on your website:

Alexa Ranking WidgetAnother easy steps is to put the Alexa Ranking widget on your website. This will give boost to your Alexa Ranking. Steps are yet again very simple and easy. You just need to copy the Java Script given on the Alexa website and replace your website name wherever required. You can than put this code on your website to see alexa ranking widget.

4. Write article about Alexa Ranking on your website:

Another way to improve your alexa ranking is by writing any article on your website about alexa ranking. Do not miss to link alexa website on your article. Try to be unique and share your own thought and experience. This way not only you will improve the ranking but also get more visitors and that is another way to improver your ranking.

5. Get more visitors and get link from other sites:

As promised I only shared the easiest and quickly doable steps to improve your alexa ranking. Do not hesitate and try them out, you will see the result within a week. Apart from these there are many others way to improve the ranking like get more visits, create facebook page for your website to get more visitors. Link or submit your website with many other free classifieds websites. Ask your friends to link your website or use alexa toolbars.


Our website is not that old and a week before our Alexa Ranking was 14,191,189(Feb 4th 2015) but today it is 1,515,329 (Feb 12nd 2015). This improvement is only after  using the alexa toolbar and widget on website. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and you will be benefited out of this. If you use these steps and your alexa raking goes better do drop us a note in comment section. Thank you !!

Update 1 : It is not even 24 hours we published this article and our Alexa ranking has gone up. As of 14th Feb 2015 our ranking is 977,734

Update 2: After one more week today (21st Feb 15) our Alexa Ranking has gone further up and its now 287,495

Update 3: After one more week today (28th Feb 15) our Alexa Ranking has gone further up and its now  161,543

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