These are some nameof Indian cities, can you guess?

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These are some name of Indian cities, can you guess?

These are some name of Indian cities guess
1.Mr Town
2.Fried Bread
3.Ear Town
4.Cut Tomorrow
5.House Of Goddess Of Destruction
6.Saint Hair
7.Broken Necklace
8 Pearl Lost
9.Seed City
10.Victory City
11.Clever City
12.Cow’S Spare
13.Religious Brother In Law
14.Bye Bye City
15.Nector City
16.Traffic City
17.Elephat Night
18.Mummy’S Maid

Solve These And Become Genius

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Answer of the whatsapp puzzle These are some name of Indian cities, can you guess? is coming soon.

If you know the answer, please share the same in the comment section and this puzzle will be dedicated to you.

If you can solve any 3 of these 5 puzzles, you have got a great IQ

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