Happy Friendship Day – 2015

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Send a beautiful message to your friends

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Once said

One Best Book Is Equal To Hundred Good Friends…. But One Good Friend Is Equal To A Library

Which is indeed true and we all believe on that. The another great saying about friendship is  Friends are forever so we would like to know on this Friendship Day what is your thought on that. Please tell us why do you think Friends are forever and send a beautiful message to all your friends.

You can send your thoughts and messages to your friend on our whatsapp number 07587332211 or comment in the comment section. When commenting please make sure you have selected “Also post on Facebook” .

All your messages will be published here on our website that you can cherish for long. A suggestion would be to share following things with us, but not limited to:

  • A beautiful message to your friends
  • A very old photo of your friends
  • A selfie with your friends

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» Here is one thought shared by Jeevan Yadav

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