Oracle Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD) Setup

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Individual Compensation Distribution :

Below is the quick steps for ICD setup:

Individual Compensation Distribution

Setup Individual Compensation Distribution (ICD):

Below digram depicts steps required to setup ICD

Part1 : Setup necessary elements and required formulasOracle Individual Compensation Distribution

Step2: Setup necessary function/menus to access it through self-service

Oracle Individual Compensation Distribution

Setup Individual Compensation Distribution with example:

Requirement : Let us now explain this step by step with a real world example. Lets assume there is a requirement to setup ICD to reward employees for taking training. An employee will be rewarded Rs. 1000.00 for each hours. Manager will also be able to rate the training. So the calculation would look like this:

Pay Value = ((1000.00 * Duration in hours) * Manager Rating 1 to 10)/10

So if a managers gave rating 5 and employee gave training for 8 hours, he will get Rs. 4000.00 (= 1000.00*8*5/10)

To accomplish this requirements steps would be as follows:

1. Create an element :

Create an element “ICD Training Reward” as follows  with two input values

1. Duration in hoursICD - Create element
2. Manager Rating 1 to 10.

Now also create an element link for this element and write a fast formula that will have calculation as described above. Link this formula with the element.

Pay Value = ((1000.00 * Duration in hours) * Manager Rating 1 to 10)/10

2. Create a plan for this element :

Now its time to link this element with plan. For the same please follow below navigation

Navigation : HR Professional V4.0  ⇒ Individual Compensation Distribution ⇒ Quick Setup ⇒ Select the element ICD Training Reward ⇒ Click Create

* This will create a plan type id please take note of that

Individual Compensation Distribution

 3. Create a function to access it through self-service responsibility:

Now we have created an element and linked it with plan. The next step would be to create a function and attach with manager self-service responsibility so that manager can access it and reward employees reporting under him.

Create one function “Training Reward” as follows and attach this with your custom Manager self-service responsibility

* In the parameter PLANTYPE=1, value 1 is the plan type id which we got while creating plan

User Function Name : Training Reward
Type : SSWA jsp function
HTML Call : OA.jsp?akRegionCode=HR_CREATE_PROCESS_TOP_SS&akRegionApplicationId=800

4. Access the function to reward employee:

The last and final step would be to access the function through manager self-service and reward an employee.

Individual Compensation Distribution

 Other references:

I am sure these steps will be of some help to understand basics of Individual Compensation Distribution. However, if you would like to explore more on this, following oracle notes will defiantly help you. Best of luck !!

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