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Only a Bahubali can solve this?

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Only a Bahubali can solve this?

Image Puzzle : Only a Bahubali can solve this?

If you think you are a Bahubali try to solve this tricky puzzle

Bahubali + Bahubali + Bahubali = 60
Bahubali + Bijjaladeva + Bijjaladeva = 40
Bijjaladeva(2) – Sivgamini (2) = 10
Bahubali + Bijjaladeva x Shivgamini = ?

हिंदी में : अगर आप बाहुबली है तो इस क्विज को सॉल्व करें

बाहुबली + बाहुबली + बाहुबली = 60
बाहुबली + बिज्जालदेव + बिज्जालदेव = 40
बिज्जालदेव (2) – शिवगामिनी (2) = 10
बाहुबली + बिज्जालदेव  x शिवगामिनी = ?


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